The big news of Abécédaires Union for 2022

For 2022, Abécédaires Union will undergo some small changes:

For Abécédaires Union:
-The website has a new design, is available in 4 languages, and is more simple and clear to use.
-Abécédaires Union now has its own page on Internet Archive (“Archives” section), where you can find some of the archives of the group since 2014.
-montv., voo. and qdwebsite. are removed.
-The visual identity (except for the logos), will be changed during the 1st quarter of 2022 probably. It was necessary since the last visual identity dates back to May 2016, since then the group has metamorphosed 2 times, and several products are now available.
-Other accounts on other social networks (eg TikTok) will be created.
-A new “investment” product will be created, it will be called ivest o..

For or vids. :
-The YouTube channel or vids. has recently surpassed 200 subscribers.
-New programs will be introduced in the coming year:
+ La revue de l’info (12:45): Video review of the news of the past week.
+ Disinformation Internétisé (8:45 p.m.): Unusual information presented on video.
+ Without concept (10:45pm): New name of “videos without name”, videos without logic, and without particular continuation. Please note that from now on, pilots of future shows can be present in this program (namely “Stock-movie”, and “Useless statistics therefore useful”).
They will be posted on Fridays, on an irregular basis.
-If you remember from the February 2016 survey, from now on, each show (except for “Disinformation Internationalized”) will have its own channel.
-Thus, the YouTube channel Abecedaries Union (ex or vids.), will be active until February 2022, after this date, this channel will only serve for Abecedaries Union.
-For Disinformation Internétisé, this program has existed for 9 years now, and its situation is uncertain, it is possible that this program will be stopped, in any case it will remain active until the end of the season in July 2022.
-The “Other videos” (show presenting the news of the channel or vids.), will not exist anymore, it will be replaced by blog posts like this one. And the visual identities will be put online on the Internet Archive.

For shopa. :
-For its French version, shopa changes its domain name: it goes from to

For brand s. :
-New stock footage is available. Shooting in February 2019.

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