The new visual identity of Abécédaires Union

As promised last year, the new visual identity of Abécédaires Union was introduced yesterday.

It’s been since May 2016 that the visual identity has not been changed, at that time, there was only the gold chain vids., and since all this time, abcdef, then Abécédaires Union was created, so it was more than necessary to change the visual identity that was no longer adapted in 2022.

The particularity of this new visual identity, is that it is adapted for mobiles (for example for Pinterest or TikTok) and for 16:9 screens

This visual identity is also unique to all products and services of the group (unlike before where each product and service had its own identity, which caused confusion)

For the first time since 2014, the visual identity has been realized by other people (Space-Dog and Zorrin for the video part)


or vids. – Test identité visuelle 2 mars 2022

♬ son original – abecedairesunion

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