-3 September 2014: This is the creation of Arnaud Doeun’s YouTube channel, the first brick of the future group, abcdef, 3 years later

-12 January 2017: The creation of a YouTube channel about sound effects and stock footages, linked with the previous channel ‘Arnaud Doeun’, this YouTube channel will become brand s

-1st September 2017: The creation of abcdef group, at this time with only a symbolic reason, with many changes :

+The ‘classic channel’ Arnaud Doeun becomes or>>vids

+The YouTube channel about stock footages and sound effects becomes brand s

+The ‘project in the cardboard box’ becomes di’info, a few months later

-25 December 2017 : The Christmas Day 2017, di’info has been launched, the abcdef group begins to take shapes

-31 August 2018 : Shopa brand was launched, this online shop service continues to sell many products

-January 1, 2019: abcdef expands with new services, such as voo., montv., Shopa on eBay, etc … and continues its expansion with the sale on 5euros.com and its online sales website Shopa.

-September 3, 2019: or>>vids celebrates its 5 years of existence.

-End 2019 : Given the expansion of the group, it was necessary to find a new name for this abcdef group, as well as a new visual identity.

-April 1st, 2020 : Abécédaires Union is officially created at the Registre des Commerces et des Sociétés (Trade and Companies Register).

-September 8, 2020 : The visual identity of Abécédaires Union has been put online for the first time to the public on this site. And the other logos will follow in a few days.